Well Pump Services

McArdle Home Services specializes in the replacement of well pumps for homes with wells. Our service area includes York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, PA.

$1,999 Well Pump Replacement 

Take advantage of our $1,999 well pump replacement special for well  depths of 100′ or less. 

This package includes a new well pump, well pump  install, and disposal of your defective or old well pump. Choosing us  for your well pump repair or well pump replacement will save you hundreds (and possibly thousands) of dollars compared to our competitors.

A well pump that is operating correctly and efficiently is a must  have for homes that have a well because the availability of water  to the home depends on it.

Over time well pumps start to wear down from their everyday use. This  will cause drastic reductions in water pressure to your home from the  water well and can also affect cooking and taking a shower. Also, well  pump motors can start to short-cycle and ultimately burn out leaving you  high and dry and in need of a well pump replacement.

If you notice a decrease in water pressure, your well pump stops working, or if you are looking to replace your old pump, contact us. We’ll take care of your well pump issue quickly and at a price you can afford!

Whether you need a well pump repair or a well pump replacement, schedule your appointment now and let the well pump installation pros help you out.

McArdle Home Services also stands behind our well pump repair and  well pump replacement work. We give a warranty on all services to ensure  our customers are 100% satisfied.