Water Heater services

 McArdle Home Services specializes in the repair, replacement, and installation of electric, gas and propane Water Heater in York, Lancaster,  and Harrisburg, PA. 

Have a Rheem, A.O. Smith, U.S. Craftmaster, Bradford White or some other make? It doesn’t matter because we service all makes and models.

High pressure, hard water, and high temperatures take their toll on  hot water heaters over the years. When your hot water heater reaches  over 10 years in age, it is approaching the end of its life-cycle.  Providing your existing hot water heater is not leaking or very old, it  is possible you will need only a simple water heater repair instead  of having an entire water heater replacement.

Over time your water heater’s tank may become rusty or you may  notice a leak. If you notice either of these things, contact us right  away as this can be the prelude to a total break down. A non-maintained  traditional tank water heater can burst and cause flooding and damage to  your home. In turn, leaving you with a wet and very costly situation on  your hands and in need of a water heater replacement.

If your water heater starts leaking or is not heating your water properly, contact us. We’ll take care of the issue quickly and at a price you can afford!

We will perform a thorough check on your water heater and let you know truthfully  if you only need a water heater repair or a total water heater  replacement. Our business philosophy is to be honest and upfront with  our customers.

McArdle Home Services only installs Made in the USA Bradford Whites. 

McArdle Home Services also stands behind our water heater repair, water heater replacement, and water heater installation work.  We give a warranty on all services to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied


Water Heater Flush

Take advantage of our $99 water heater flush.  By having your water heater flushed twice a year, it will keep your  unit running efficiently and in turn saving you  money by removing the calcium and sediment build up that can cause the water heater to work harder. Having your water heater flushed can also extend its overall working life. 

Water Heater Expansion Tank Install

Water heater expansion tank install only $250.00 This price includes a new expansion tank and any piping that may need done. Why do you need an expansion tank? Since water expands as it is heated, the expansion tank (sometimes known as a thermal expansion tank) works as an overflow receptacle. It is estimated that 50 gallons of cold water expands to 52 gallons when heated to 120 degrees. That extra water will cause pressure in the plumbing system and over time can cause damage to not only the water heater but also the plumbing fixtures and water pipes. Causing you more money in repairs before they should be needed. An expansion tank is also required for your water heater warranty to be honored through the manufacturer.

Water heater price list