Sewer services & Drain Cleanings

Drain Cleanings

Take advantage of our $199 Drain Cleanings. The  $199 price includes the first hour of service. Any additional drain  cleaning time will be charged at $99 per hour. NOTE: Typically most drains can be cleaned within the first hour. 

Choosing us for your drain cleaning and sewer drain cleaning services will keep more money in your pocket compared to our competitors.


Drain Jettings

Sometimes a traditional drain cleaning is not enough to clear your clogged or slow flowing drain. That is why we offer a $199 drain jetting  to our customers. 

Unlike a standard drain cleaning, a drain jetting not  only breaks up the debris within your pipe but also washes it out. The  $199 drain jetting price includes the first hour of service. Additional  drain jetting will be charged at a rate of $99 per hour. Note: Typically most drains can be jetted within the first hour. 

Our drain jetting service is very effective and priced lower than other companies in the York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg area. 

Sewer Camera Inspections

Need some peace of mind that your sewer line is not damaged or have reoccurring back-ups or clogged lines? Request our sewer line camera inspection service for only $189!  

The $189 price includes the first hour of service. Any additional sewer line inspection time will be charged at $99 per hour. NOTE: Typically most lines can be inspected within the first hour.  

Sewer lines are prone to tree roots, freezing, ground shifts, and also  fail with old age. We’ll give you the full picture as to what is going  on at a sewer line inspection price as much as 50% cheaper than other  local companies. 


Sewer Line Repair

McArdle Home Services  offers low price sewer line repair and sewer line replacement to our customers. 

Take advantage of our $3,999 sewer line repair service. Price includes up  to 20′ of sewer line repair and a complimentary jetting of your full sewer line. Choosing us for your sewer line repair and sewer line  replacement. will save you hundreds (and possibly thousands) of dollars compared to our competitors.

Not quite sure if your sewer line is damaged or Clogged? Request our sewer line inspection services.

Trenchless Repair

Digging up your land to repair your sewer line is no longer always required.  McArdle Home Services Can repair cracks, breaks and imperfections in your sewer line using a silicate- resin based product to line your existing pipe with a new smooth, joint free liner. This liner will restore the structural integrity of your pipe to provide you with many more years of use with non of the mess of excavating your land. say goodbye to those clogged pipes and constant drain cleanings.



Having a  backed up or cracked sewer line in your home can be a horrible  experience for you.

If your sewer lines aren’t properly draining into  your street’s sewer main, it can cause a lot of complications too.

When your sewer lines aren’t properly flowing, waste, grease buildup,  paper, or other foreign objects can continue to clog your sewer line.  In turn, leaving you with a messy situation on your hands and in need of  a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement.

Have a break in your sewer line? Or maybe you notice all of your drains are slowly draining? If so, contact the sewer line repair and sewer line replacement experts. We’ll provide you quick sewer line repair at a price you can afford!

Whether you need a preventive sewer line inspection or a sewer line replacement, schedule your appointment now and let the sewer line repair pros help you out.