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Basement Waterproofing York PA

Basement Waterproofing Services


McArdle Home Services specializes in basement waterproofing services. Our service area includes York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, PA. Searching for a quality basement waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, or concrete waterproofing contractor? Look no further because McArdle Home Services has vast experience in waterproofing basements at very competitive prices.

Have you recently noticed a trickle of water coming out of the basement wall or a puddle on the basement floor? Or maybe you experience a musty odor each time you go into your basement? If so, it is time for you to reach out to us now to discuss how we can help you with your basement waterproofing needs at a price you can afford!

Mold can only grow in an environment that is moist and dark. Therefore, having a basement that is allowing moisture in is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Once mold starts to grow in your basement, it can flourish and cause irritation to your eyes, skin, nose, and airway. Exposure to mold can also cause a more severe pneumonia-like inflammation of the lungs in people that have compromised respiratory systems.

There are many do-it-yourself products that homeowners can use to try to waterproof themselves. However, these products are more of a temporary fix as they don’t stop the issue from the source and can eventually lead to bigger basement problems down the road. By having us handle your basement waterproofing project, we will do the project correctly and at a price that is hundreds (and possibly thousands) of dollars cheaper than other local basement waterproofing companies.

McArdle Home Services also stands behind our basement waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, and concrete waterproofing work. We give a warranty on all services to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Also, be sure to check out our current deals section now to see our waterproofing basements and other service specials to save even more money.