Basement finishing

McArdle Home Services  specializes in basement remodeling services. Our service area includes  York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, PA. 

Searching for a quality basement  remodeling or basement finishing contractor? Look no further because you  found us. McArdle Home Services offers quality basement remodeling at  very competitive prices.

$9,999 Basement Finishing or Remodeling

Get your basement finished or remodeled now for only $9,999! This  package is valid for up to 600 square feet of basement space and  includes:

  • demolition and preparation of old basement (if necessary)
  • framing of 8-foot walls with 2X4s
  • 1/2 inch drywall installation on walls and ceiling
  • (6) lights with (1) dimmer switch
  • (6) GFCI electrical outlets in walls
  • (1) interior composite door with trim
  • installation of baseboard trim
  • sanding, spackling, and one coat of primer on walls and ceiling
  • one-year warranty

Services such as painting, insulating outside walls, installing  flooring, adding a bathroom, removal of trash for demolition of old  basement, major structural changes/repairs, waterproofing, and taking  care of exposed electrical wires, plumbing, etc., below ceiling level  are not included and can be completed/fixed for an additional fee.

Looking to convert your unfinished basement into a play area for your  kids? Or maybe a man cave for you to get away during football season? Contact us now so we can discuss how we can fulfill your basement finishing dream at a price that will be easy on your pocket!

Basements make up a large portion of space in homes. Basically, they  are only large storage spaces if left unfinished. By moving forward with  a basement remodeling or basement finishing on your home, it will  provide more livable space that your entire family can enjoy for years  to come. Also, it can potentially increase your home’s value when you  take on a basement remodel. This is always great if you plan on selling  your home in the future.

There are many do-it-yourself homeowners that try to remodel their  basements themselves. Even though this may seem like a great way to save  money, it may end up becoming even more costly to the homeowner if  something is not done correctly. By having us handle your basement  remodeling project, we will give you quality basement finishing service  at a cost that is possibly thousands of dollars less than our basement finishing competitors.

McArdle Home Services also stands behind our basement remodeling and  basement finishing work. We give a warranty on all services to ensure  our customers are 100% satisfied