Faucet Repair services

 McArdle Home Services  specializes in kitchen and shower faucet repair, replacement, and  installation. Our service area includes York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg,  PA. Have a Moen, Delta, KOHLER, or some other brand? It doesn’t matter because we service all makes and models.

Over time your faucets start to wear down from being used and abused  everyday. When faucet gaskets and handles wear out, they will cause the  faucet to start leaking and leaving you with a costly situation on your  hands and in need of a faucet repair or faucet replacement.

A few drops from your faulty faucet might not seem like much, but a  leaky faucet can waste over 82,000 drops of water a day! That adds up to over 2,000 gallons of water a year! Have more than one drippy faucet in your home? you may be letting more money drip down those drain than you think.

If your faucet starts leaking or not drawing water properly, contact us. We’ll take care of the issue quickly and at a price you can afford!