Appliance Repair and installation


McArdle Home Services offers $99 Appliance diagnosis. Your appliance will have a thorough diagnosis performed on it. We will then truthfully  let you know what needs to be done for your appliance repair or if it is more cost effective for a new appliance. We  take pride in being honest and upfront with our customer base.
Once your diagnosis is complete, you are free to have some other  company perform your repair if you desire. The only thing  you are responsible for is paying the $99 diagnosis fee. One benefit of  having us perform the repair is that we will complete your repair  at an affordable price and in a timely manner!



Is your fridge not keeping your food cold or making loud noises? Or  did it just stop working altogether? When refrigerator issues arise,  some homeowners go the do-it-yourself route to attempt to take care of  their refrigerator repair. However, this can sometimes lead to even  bigger problems if the homeowner fails at his or her repair effort.  Avoid the headache of repairing your refrigerator by letting us diagnose  and fix the issue for you. 



Do you  have a Whirlpool, Maytag, GE or some other make of oven you need  serviced? Look no further because we service all makes and models.
Is your  oven not cooking your food fully or are the burners not lighting? Or did  it simply just stop working altogether? Some homeowners attempt to fix  appliance issues on their own. However, this can sometimes lead to  making the problem worse and costing more out-of-pocket for the  homeowner. If you are not totally comfortable taking on the oven repair  yourself, contact us and we will take care of it. 



Is your  dishwasher leaking or not filling or draining completely? Or is it  simply not getting your dishes clean? These dishwasher issues might  tempt you to investigate and attempt to fix the problem on your own.  However, if you aren’t fully familiar with your dishwasher’s makeup,  your do-it-yourself repair can actually make problems worse. Don’t chance  it and let us find out what is wrong with your dishwasher for you.


Washer/ dryer

We offer  our washing machine and dryer repair service to customers in York, Lancaster, and  Harrisburg, PA. In search of Maytag, Whirlpool repair or some other make? You have come to the right  place! McArdle Home Services performs repairs on all types of  washing machines and dryer makes and models.   Is your  washing machine making loud sounds or not getting your clothes clean? Or  did it simply just stop working?  Is your dryer not getting hot enough or overheating? Or is it simply not getting your clothes dry? You may be tempted to try and tackle  the repair yourself in order to save a few dollars.  While this may seem like a good plan at first, disassembling,  diagnosing, and making your repair is easier said than done.  Don’t attempt repairing if you are not 100% sure you  know what you are doing. You could make your problem worse and  potentially costing you even more money.  

Whether you have a simple repair or a more complex problem, schedule your appointment now and let the appliance repair pros take care of the problem and stress for you.